CVS Takes a Stand Against Airbrushing Models

“We will not digitally alter or change a person’s shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color or enhance or alter lines, wrinkles or other individual characteristics,” CVS said in a press release. The watermark with a heart will start appearing on beauty photos produced by CVS in this upcoming year, so be on the lookout.

Hmm. I have a lot of thoughts about this movement. I really love that CVS is promoting healthier body images by taking a stance against airbrushing and photoshopping models in their stores and print ads. It sends a great message to children because now the beauty standards portrayed by these ads will be attainable.

Although I love this idea, here is some food for thought. I am a pageant girl and have been in modeling for a while. I have had my photos edited to remove blemishes, smooth my skin, and adjust the lighting. I prefer these adjustments to my photos, especially because I am using them for pageant headshots that are sometimes judged. But how much editing is TOO much? How do we decide this? If you were in an advertisement for millions to see, would YOU want to be airbrushed? Or are you okay with everyone seeing your natural flaws?

It takes a brave model to proudly broadcast her full natural self to the world. I give these models and CVS credit for their courage! But what about Ulta, Sephora, and other major beauty brands? Will they follow suit, and are they embarrassed for not taking the initiative on this movement? I would be. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. 


Daily Dose of First Aid: Fuller, Plumper Lips and My Lip Routine

I love the look of gorgeous, big lips. Without the Botox and needles, of course, because I have the WORST fear of needles. Good news, you don’t need Botox, though, to get plump looking lips!

You need 3 main products to start: lip liner a shade or two darker than your nude/pink matte liquid lipstick, and clear lip gloss (It can have a plumping ingredient in it, but it’s up to you!)

  1. Overline your lips. Don’t go crazy and look like a clown, just lightly draw the liner over the outside lines of your lips.
  2. Fill in your lips with a nude/pink matte liquid lipstick. You can put it on top of the liner, too.
  3. After the matte lipstick dries, apply a clear gloss. Your lips should already look plumper, but using a plumping ingredient will make them extra plump. (Yes, it will tingle for a few minutes-that means it’s working!)
    Step 1: Line lips.
    Step 2: Fill in with matte lippie.

    Step 3: Add plumping gloss or clear lipgloss.

Find my favorites at Sephora! Huda Beauty makes an amazing lip contour set that comes with a liner and two matte liquid lippies for only $25! I love shades “Nudes: trendsetter and bombshell” and “Pinks: trophy wife and muse”. Nudes and light pinks are the best shades for naturally plump looking lips. Too Faced makes a lipgloss in multiple shades and sizes called “lip injection”; I use the clear gloss!

Daily Dose of First Aid: Fake Lash Application Tips

Dramatic lashes are the perfect way to amp up any night out! There are so many brands out there…I’ve used Ardell, Eyelure, House of Lashes, Huda Beauty lashes, and many more! BUT, lashes are HARD to put on. I’ve had countless girls ask me for help with putting them on, and sometimes its still tricky even for me! I have some very important tips that will hopefully make your lash experience a little less painful. 

  1. First, apply one coat of mascara and let dry before putting lashes on so it blends better.
  2. I recommend getting some type of lash holder tool/applicator. My favorite one is gray and comes with some pairs of Eyelure lashes. You can find Eyelures at drugstores, Target, Walmart, and Claire’s. If you do not have access to the tool, a pair of tweezers will work. I DO NOT recommend using only your fingers because lashes require intense precision.
  3. Make sure you have enough lash glue on the band and that it covers the entire bands, even the corners. 
  4. Wait for the glue to dry about 20 seconds so it gets tacky before attempting to put the lash on your eyelid. Glue too wet will cause the lash to not stick on your lid and you’ll get glue all over your eyeshadow and then you’ll be pissed. (Can you tell this happens to me allll the time!?) 
  5. Make sure the lash is as close to your natural lash line as possible so they look real and more believable. You can use tweezers or the lash holder tool to push them down farther. 49121841

Daily Dose of First Aid Warning: Are YOU Buying Counterfeit Makeup?

Counterfeit makeup is a problem that’s effecting even huge, well-established makeup corporations like Estée Lauder (which owns MAC, BECCA, Bobbi Brown,  etc.). It has affected me, too! I now have to be extremely careful where I buy my makeup and beauty products. I just bought a Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette on Mercari, a second-hand website, and it was clearly fake to my dismay. Here’s why:

Counterfeit makeup may look EXACTLY like the real product. But I promise you, the chemical makeup is very different, poor quality, and can even be harmful to your skin and health. Labs have tested counterfeit makeup and found carcinogens, acid, talc, and other harmful materials that causes rashes, infections, and chemical burns. Still think it’s not prevalent? US Immigration and Customs has seized over $74 million in fake self-care products just in 2016 alone.

Ways to avoid buying fake branded makeup:

  1. Always buy through a trusted retailer. This means at a makeup store or online, like ULTA, Sephora, MAC, Kylie Cosmetics, etc. NOT websites like Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, or a second-hand seller. This leaves room for people buying a fake product and selling it at the regular product’s full price. This is especially true for celebrity makeup products, like Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star.
  2. DO NOT trust people selling makeup on streets, even in big cities like NYC or Chicago. Their amazing discounted prices might seem amazing, but AVOID them because they were probably imported illegally from a factory with hazardous working conditions, like in China, for example. Inauthentic street vendors are arrested for this on the DAILY.
  3. A seller telling you that the product is “new and authentic” means nothing. Unless he/she has a confirmation of purchase from that product’s proper source, don’t buy it.

All in all, buying inauthentic makeup is hurting real beauty companies and is dangerous to your health. You only get one body, so buy the things you put onto it from a TRUSTED source.

Daily Dose of First Aid: Cleaning Your Beauty Blender / Sponge

I don’t know about yours…but my makeup sponge, aka beauty blender, is absolutely filthy and filled with concealer, foundation, and who knows what other gunk. Thankfully, after lots of trial and error, (including even putting it in the washing machine…), I found the perfect solution that works EVERY TIME! I tried it on three different sponges thanks to my best friend, Annie, who was experimenting with cleaning solutions with me all morning. Here are the easy steps needed to get your sponge looking brand new (that’s mine in the picture above looking all clean and perfect after it’s little bath) :

My disgusting sponge before it’s bath…
  1. Get a microwavable pyrex bowl and fill it with 1 teaspoon of Dawn soap.
  2. Fill the bowl about halfway with warm water, stir until bubbly, and drop in your sponge.
  3. Put the bowl with your sponge in it in the microwave for a minute.
  4. After removing, let the soapy solution sit for a few minutes.
  5. Take out the sponge and start squeezing the soap and old makeup out of it while running it under warm water. (Be careful, the sponge might still be hot.)
  6. Depending on how much gunk was in your beauty blender, the time it will take to keep squeezing it all out until it looks completely new, will vary. (Mine was awful and took about 5 minutes.)

Congrats! Now your beauty blender looks BRAND NEW and clean, just for you to dirty it up again! 🙂 But really, wash your sponge. It will make it last much longer and will clean out all of the gross bacteria that sits in it! Try it and leave me a comment below if you love the result!