Sponsor Spotlight: Rocks with Sass

Trending for fall…druzy stone and crystal jewelry! Skip buying it at Charming Charlie or BaubleBar, and get it for cheaper and amazing quality while donating to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America! Philanthropic companies are my favorite to shop from. The fashionable owner of this company was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2009, but she always found strength in creating beautiful things, like her stone jewelry.

The jewelry is nickel-free and will not tarnish easily. The stones are colorful, lustrous, and sparkly. I’ve already been wearing my druzy necklace and earrings, and they match so many of my outfits!

Use my code: firstaidmakeup for 20% off of your purchase, now through November 20. Don’t forget, a portion of the proceeds is donated to a great cause. Rocks with Sass ships super fast, which is always a huge plus!

Instagram: @rockswithsass         www.rockswithsass.com

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Discount Codes for YOU!!!

I officially have the best and most philanthropic sponsors ever. Two of them just created a discount code for all of you to use from now until the end of November! Take advantage of these discounts and feel free to share. Supporting small businesses that donate to charity is so heartwarming.

For both of these websites, use my promotion code: firstaidmakeup 

ROCKS WITH SASS: 20% off your purchase!!!

*Rocks with Sass donates a portion of your purchase to Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Check out @rockswithsass on Instagram

PANTY FRESH: 10% off your purchase and FREE shipping!!!

*Panty Fresh (created by my friend Neda!) donates $1 for every photo posted on social media with the hashtag #pantyfreshgivesback to a charity pertaining to Autism Awareness/Research. Check out @pantyfresh on Instagram


Introducing Miss Buckeye State! Learn My Pageant Secrets: Airbrush Makeup

It’s been an exciting (and overwhelming) week…I am your new Miss Buckeye State!!! This July, I will compete for the title USA National Miss in Disney World! Nationals week in the happiest place on Earth?? Thrilled is an understatement! Thank you to everyone who supported, voted, and rooted for me, it meant the world to me. Now about my hair and makeup…people sent me messages and asked me all weekend about who glammed me up, and of course the answer was…ME! I am happy to share how I got my FLAWLESS pageant face without a professional makeup artist! 

Marc Harvey Exclusive Air (my airbrush kit)

The most important tool of how to have perfect skin on stage and in front of the judges is an airbrush foundation kit. I bought mine from a Miss Universe makeup artist, Amin Kabani, and it was around $300 for everything (Marc Harvey brand), but I know systems like Dinair, Luminess, and TEMPTU sell them for even cheaper! The price is worth it because I’ve saved hundreds of dollars since I don’t have to pay for an artist to airbrush me for every event/pageant. Airbrush is better than traditional foundation because it is sweat/water proof, meaning you won’t get shiny at all for the entire day, and the stage lights won’t reflect harshly on your face. It comes with an air compressor, an airbrush pen, and the liquid makeup. It may look intimidating at first, but I promise that anyone can successfully apply airbrush makeup, even on the first try. 

  1. After turning on the compressor, simply put 5-6 drops of your foundation color in the funnel of the pen.
  2. Press back the pen’s trigger about halfway to start spraying the makeup on your face. It will come out like a gentle mist (not like a power washer or anything crazy), so use elliptical/circular motions with the pen about 3-4 inches from your skin. KEEP THE PEN MOVING so you don’t get heavy splotches on a patch of skin. 
  3. Once you run out of liquid makeup solution, you can add a few more drops, but you shouldn’t need more than 12 drops total.
  4. You may have a lighter color solution as well. Using 5 drops, spray the lighter color under your eyes, along your cheekbone where you would put highlighter, and down the bridge of your nose.
  5. Now, bake your face (learn how HERE), and put on other makeup on top of your foundation as you would do normally! 

    No filter or editing needed. THAT’S how flawless airbrush makeup can make you, too!