How to Use a Facial Dermaroller

This .25 mm dermaroller for the face is sponsored by Linduray Skincare! This tool is SO affordable, less than $30 because Linduray is having a SALE right now! Click the above link to check it out. Many brands sell dermarollers, not just this website!

Before you ask, NO it is not painful because the needles are only .25 mm long! It feels more like a massage, if you are gentle and use the tool correctly. Obviously, don’t jam the needles into your skin or use it near your eyes…hoping that is self-explanatory!

Why should you dermaroll?! To…

  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin
  • Drastically improve your skin texture and complexion
  • Open pores and promote cell regeneration

It’s like microneedling in a way, but not nearly as expensive, you can do it at home, and it is less painful. However, you need to continually use the dermaroller to see results. I recommend a few times per week. Warning: it leaves your skin red for a few minutes!

As a reminder, always sanitize and disinfect your dermaroller with isopropyl alcohol before and after every use. Roll it on your clean face 4-8 times in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. Wait 2 days before your next treatment to let your skin heal! Watch how to use in the video below. Ask me any questions in the comments 🙂

Daily Dose of First Aid: Color Correcting

Skin isn’t always perfectly one color. We have scars, acne, lines, bags, you name it! With busy lives and just being a human, we all have these imperfections. Luckily, by knowing a little bit about color theory and neutralizing, we can fix them!

If you think about what colors neutralize what, its easy. For example, red neutralizes green, yellow neutralizes blue, etc. So let’s break down what color concealers you should use when certain pore-oblems (haha) arise.

ACNE: Green concealer hides the redness of acne and makes spots look much less swollen and inflamed.

YELLOW UNDERTONES/DULLNESS: Purple concealer adds a glow and minimizes dullness, making you look fresher.

UNDER EYE BAGS: Deep orange/red concealer for people with darker skin tones to correct acne scarring or brighten up under eye bags. Pink/salmon concealer is perfect for people with lighter skin tones.

BLACK EYE/BRUISES: Yellow concealer counteracts the bright blue of veins or bruises on your face. Yellow concealer can also be used as an eyeshadow primer if you don’t have one.

ANYTHING ELSE: Concealer that matches your skin tone will do the trick for any other minor inconveniences.

If you are someone that experiences a few of these problems frequently, the best solution is to buy a color correcting kit. Here is my favorite budget and my favorite splurge palette. TIP: Before applying these, I highly suggest putting a drop of oil into the concealer first, rub it around, and then put it on. It will help it look less cakey on your face.

Tarte Color Your World Color Correcting Palette ($34):938-limited-edition-color-your-world-color-correcting-palette-multi-OTHER-main-img_MAIN

NYX Color Correcting Concealer: ($12) 


Holiday Glam Eye Makeup, Step by Step

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of my fabulous readers! I hope Santa was very kind and generous to you all! 😉 Here is a step-by-step tutorial of my Christmas Eve eye makeup that I got many compliments on. This look is very versatile and it’s easy to switch out different colors if you want a darker or lighter look. Try it for tonight or NYE!

You’ll need:

  • Black matte eye shadow
  • Bronzey/red matte eye shadow
  • Shimmery or sparkly pink/champagne eye shadow
  • A few different sized eye shadow brushes
  • Black eyeliner pencil, creamy formula preferred
  • Tape (optional)
  • False lashes (optional)
  • Concealer (optional)
  1. With a flat eye shadow brush, cover JUST YOUR EYELID, not the crease, with the black shadow. Doesn’t have to look super pretty because we will blend it later!
  2. Optional: For a clean, sharp line on your eye’s outer edge, put a small piece of tape at an angle while you finish your shadow.
  3. With a fluffier, blending brush, put the bronze or red shadow in your crease. It should overlap a tiny bit with your black eyelid.
  4. Optional: Take a flat brush and put a tiny bit of liquid concealer on it. Dab it on the black shadow on your lid so that the shimmery shadow will stand out. 
  5. Gently press the sparkle or shimmer shadow onto the inner half of your eyelid, either on top of the black or the concealer.
  6. Remove the tape if you have it on. Gently blend, blend, blend all of your shadow, but don’t go too crazy and smudge everything!!!
  7. Take a creamy black eye liner pencil and smudge it along your bottom lash line (not your waterline). It can be as messy or as neat as you want. It doesn’t matter because you’ll blend it out. Take a thin brush and blend it out into your entire bottom lash line, end to end. After blending, it should look like one continuous soft black line (but well blended and not like hard line of black).
  8. Add dramatic false lashes or just lots of mascara on your top and bottom lashes. 

    Tip: What do I mean by blending??? With a back and forth motion like a windshield wiper, or moving in tiny circles, blend the shadow from the start of it to where the shadow line stops. Continue this back and forth motion until you can no longer see a hard line between your skin and the eye shadow.


Photoshoot Makeup-Mariah

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Need new headshots but aren’t sure how to do your makeup for them? No problem! So glad my friend from Miss Ohio USA last year contacted me for her photoshoot makeup! Mariah slayed the camera at her most recent photoshoot with DSW Photography in Downtown Cleveland.

Rose gold soft smokey eye with a pink glossy lip

Like this look? Contact me, and I can teach you how to do it!

Check us all out on Instagram! @firstaidmakeup @charlene_westfall @dsw_photo @mariahantoinette__


Ohio girls, BOOK ME!

Hey Ohio girls! Feel free to contact me if you need awesome makeup for any special occasion in your life! Photoshoots, pageants, weddings, school dances, lessons…I can do it all! All of my new clients get a makeup or lesson session with me for just $50. It will be worth it! I go back and forth from the Cleveland area to Columbus.

I would be happy to work with you! Contact me so we can schedule a session! Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

Collagen Masks…Worth the time and money?

Masks are super popular because of the amount of Asian skin care items available now in the USA! You’ve heard of all of the cute Korean brands with their adorable packaging, like TonyMoly for example. But are collagen masks worth the hype?


The collagen molecules in masks ARE small enough to penetrate your pores and into the dermis layer of your skin, which triggers collagen production and starts to minimize fine lines/wrinkles. However, you won’t see a difference unless you are doing masks a few times a week for months. You’re better off getting Botox or Juviderm if you want fast, long-lasting, and dramatic results (not that I’m recommending cosmetic procedures, unless you have fully researched and are comfortable with that!)

So, unless you younger women or men want fuller, plumper skin, this is not necessary. Collagen masks will give your face a nice glow and moisture balance, though! Older women and men, it is important to start renewing your collagen and giving your skin these supplements at this age to target fine lines and dullness.

Bottom-line…if I, a 19-year-old, am going to invest on a quality mask, it’s going to be a charcoal mask. At this point in my life, being in my late teens, there’s no need for me to be using a collagen mask. I’d rather focus on removing blackheads and getting a deep clean for my skin with charcoal based products (which really work)! Collagen masks won’t magically give you plump lips or make your skin perfectly supple, as you might think. They’re still super fun and cute, though! 🙂


Ipsy: Makeup and Beauty Subscription Box

I think subscription services are AMAZING. Forget the stress of shopping for new makeup, clothes, healthy food, etc. Get them delivered right to your door for a great deal, much lower than the products’ retail prices! I’ll tell you about one of my favorite subscription makeup bags that I’ve been getting for almost a whole year now, Ipsy!

Ipsy is only $10 a month, (even cheaper when you buy a whole year!) and you get 5 beauty products a month, which are either full size or deluxe size. On top of that super steal, just by rating your products each month, you gets points which you can redeem for full size products! I just redeemed 500 points that I’ve been racking up, so in my next bag, I get a set of designer lashes! GLAM LASHES ARE MY FAV, and we all know how expensive they can be (literally I’ve paid $20 for a good set). Finally, they offer different discounts every month for subscribers to high end makeup websites.

Take a look inside my October glam bag. I LOVED every single product and gave them all 5 stars. However, your bag might look completely different than mine each month because on the Ipsy app, you can customize your settings to make sure you receive items that you WANT and will USE. You all know that I love my press-on nails, so I requested never to receive nail polishes, rather mascaras and liquid lipsticks instead. Ipsy will listen to your preferences. You can also add your skin and hair tone and type as well as eye color, so your products matches your needs.

Overall, Ipsy offers amazing services and products for such a low cost and they are very responsive to your wants for your monthly glam bag. Having this subscription bag also really helps me resist splurging on makeup, because I get surprised with so many new items every few weeks and don’t feel the need to anymore. Click here to TRY IT OUT, even if its just for a month! Comment or send me a message if you want my sign up code, which will give us both a boost on our points!

Giveaway Winner!!!

WOW! There were over 50 entries for my first giveaway. Thank you all SO MUCH for participating! My blog following has grown over double its size since last week. That’s an AMAZING turnout and I couldn’t have asked for better! Without you all, it wouldn’t have been possible!! Congratulations to my winner, @azras_secret ! I hope you LOVE your first aid beauty kit! I will be doing more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned!!!

Daily Dose of First Aid: Guide to Eye Creams

The first inspiration I got for starting a blog in the first place was from my fellow neighborhood moms. These cool moms-on-the-block always love asking me about my favorite makeup products and specifically anti-aging products they can use. Obviously, being 19 years old, I don’t know much about anti-aging products yet. Thankfully,  I found this amazing “Best Eye Cream” guide to share with you all! Here is a quick summary of the comprehensive guide:

“The best eye cream comes down to using the right ingredients on the right issue. The most common: wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. We talked to multiple dermatologists, and pored over skincare research to find which ingredients were ideal for each issue and what ingredients to avoid overall. Then, we tested our finalists to see which ones left our skin feeling moisturized and ready to layer.”

The guide further goes on the rank the best out of over 318 products (with a large range of prices!) based on the target issue. Don’t worry-any products that contained common skin irritants were CUT from the list!

Check out the full guide at HERE to find the best eye cream for you. 


Best for wrinkles:

Botanics Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream With all the ingredients to fight wrinkles, plus added moisturizers like almond oil and shea butter. Buy on Amazon, $27.

Photo courtesy of

Best for dark circles: 

Vichy Idealia Eyes Caffeine and antioxidants to combat dark circles, plus sunscreen, niacinamide, and mica to brighten skin instantly. Buy on Amazon, $31.

Photo courtesy of

Best for puffiness:

Honest Beauty The Depuffed Eye Cream A cooling metal applicator, plus anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea and chamomile. Buy on Dermstore, $32 and 20% off when you sign up with email.

Photo courtesy of


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