Top 5 Most Instagramable Places in Miami

  1. Fountainebleau Hotel and LIV Nightclub

2. South Beach Miami

3. Dreamer Miami, Matcha/Acai Bowl/Juice Bar

4. Wynwood Walls

5. SLS Hotel, Hyde Beach

Honorable Mentions:  Versace Mansion, Nobu, and Mr. Jones Nightclub

#ENDBODYSHAMING, Please share!

A letter to anyone who has left a negative comment on any post about someone’s body:

Something to think about…when you’re commenting on other people’s bodies behind a computer screen, do you think that they think they’re perfect? News flash: they probably don’t. So we don’t need you pointing out the obvious. Common examples: “She NEEDS to lose some weight, that’s not attractive.” “She looks way too skinny to be 6 months pregnant.” “Wow, she looks SO unhealthy, she needs to eat a burger!!” …NOOOO, really?! I’m sure they had NO IDEA!

Let’s say this person you are commenting on IS unhealthy. YOU DON’T KNOW, WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! The person you are tearing down may have a genetic predisposition, a medial condition, an eating disorder, or something else that we don’t know. Encouragement and inspiration is what gets a person to change their lifestyle if they choose to, NOT nasty or negative comments on a social media post. Posting pictures of your imperfect body is BRAVE in the first place. Another news flash: is any body actually perfect? Not really. It’s all just subject to opinion. Beauty comes in many forms and varies from culture to culture.

Ladies: If you only stand for some women, you stand for no women. Black, white, Latinx, Asian, pregnant, trans, thin, thick, educated, poor, etc. We cannot just pick and choose who we defend because THAT is discrimination. 

Don’t be a cyber bully. Stand up for others and set a positive example. It takes one person at a time to end body shaming. We all want to be confident in ourselves. KARMA.

PLEASE RESHARE FOR BODY SHAMING AWARENESS! This problem is REAL and continuously arising. Thank you.

Body Positive Accounts to Follow, Find your Body Role Model

Can you proudly scream to the world, “I LOVE MY BODY!!”? Not exactly? That’s okay, it’s a process of learning to accept our bodies no matter how they fluctuate and look. I hate to say it, but if the only accounts you follow are “fitspiration” and perfect proportioned women, you are doing yourself a disservice.

The best way to get a boost on our self confidence and do a reality check is by surrounding ourselves with people with diverse body shapes and sizes that are similar to the ones we currently possess. This helps to create a positive body image for ourselves. Whenever I read a caption from one of these accounts, I reevaluate how I see my body and it really helps me put my health and fitness goals into perspective. Find a body role model who embraces her body and looks similar to you! Here are some of my favorite and most encouraging people on Instagram that you should check out. Try to follow a woman with a similar lifestyle or look as you: 




@theashleygraham All for my sassy, plus sized girls

@arnayr / @missuniverseiceland For my pageant girls

@thesabinakarlsson For my freckly with unique features girls For ALL my girls

@mswheelchairusa For my girls with disabilities 

@butchwaxvintage For my girls with short hair, no hair, or who love vintage and unique clothes

This is super important for our mental health. I am a teaching assistant for a professor with 2 phD’s covering social psychology and fashion, so I’ve done LOTS of research on body image and how it is affected by the media.


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Must Have on the Go: Panty Fresh

Introducing the newest and most convenient way to guarantee freshness during long days or period weeks…PANTY FRESH! I was so happy to receive these little packets from Panty Fresh’s founder and creator in the mail. I love that women are creating unique ways to find more comfort during their period cycles. They’re hard enough to deal with, but this little box will make life easier! Finally, a discreet way to freshen up down there all in one packet that you can store in a desk, pocket, or purse. Great for the workplace, travel, school, etc! I really wish I had this compact kit on my 18 hour plane ride to Morocco. These are perfect to take into the airplane restroom with you for a quick change or to freshen up! Working women who travel and have long plane rides, THIS IS FOR YOU!

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