Daily Dose of First Aid: Metabolism Facts

Metabolisms are like a black box that not even researchers can fully understand. Why can I eat a plate of fries and not be affected, but my friend has to count every calorie of them so as not to gain weight!?

Found a GREAT article on Vox.com that debunks some of the facts we think we know about metabolism. For example, when diet ads claim to “boost your metabolism,” they can’t really do that. Some food like coffee, chili, and spices can raise your metabolism for a very short time, but not enough to have a true effect on your body measurements. Click the link for the full article!


Daily Dose of First Aid: A Cheaper, Easier Manicure

STOP SPENDING A FORTUNE ON ACRYLIC NAILS. It may seem very 2005, but press on nails are the way to go! I use ImPress nails for every event and even for pageants! NO glue, NO hassle, NO dry time. I rely on these nails and trust them-I rarely ever pop a nail, and if I do, it is after a few days. In my experience, they have lasted up to a week. They are available at your local drugstore, including Walgreens, CVS, etc for around $6-8. They stick-on with such ease and fit a variation of nail sizes. There are so many different colors, styles, and textures (metallic and matte) and themes with optional accent nails! From nautical themed, to a simple French tip, you won’t be disappointed with these! I ALWAYS get compliments and questions about which salon I visit…and finally I’m revealing my little secret to cheap, perfect nails 24/7! So a $40 acrylic or gel manicure vs $7 stick-ons that look even better…your choice!

Daily Dose of First Aid: Super Easy Lip Exfoliate

Reasons to exfoliate your lips: they will be smoother and softer, more supple (kiss, kiss!!), and will hold onto lip color better, especially liquid lipsticks. If you don’t have a sugar scrub for your lips, which many people don’t, there’s a very simple way you can still exfoliate them. Get a washcloth, soak it in warm/hot water, pucker your lips, and scrub them gently with a piece of the washcloth. This will get off any dead skin. Au revoir, chapped lips!! XOXO

Daily Dose of First Aid: Bake Your Face!

(Not baking as is baking a cake or lemon squares.) You’ve probably heard of the term “baking” when it comes to having a flawless face. We call it baking because the powder sets onto your skin and blends in nicely, like ingredients in a cake batter (I guess). I’ll tell you how to do it, what to use, and what it should look like.

Only 3 materials needed=loose translucent powder (any brand works fine), beauty blender/sponge, big fluffy face brush

  1. Make sure your foundation and concealer is well blended and just how you want it. Bake your face before you apply any other makeup. 
  2. Dump a good sized pile of powder into the lid of the container. Take your beauty blender and dip it lightly onto the top of the pile. 
  3. Dab the powder lightly onto your skin. Do NOT rub it in. It should be sitting loosely on your skin and makes you look kind of white. You should only bake right under your eyes, your nose, forehead in between your brows, and your jaw line. That’s it. Don’t cover your entire face or you’ll look like a snowman. 
  4. Do your eyeshadow or brow or lipstick so your face has time to bake! Multitasking 😉 Generally, after 3-4 minutes, the rest of the loose powder that didn’t bake into your skin is ready to be brushed off. Take a big fluffy brush and gently whisk away the rest of the powder. You will notice that your skin looks porcelain flawless and well blended. THIS is the trick that makeup artists use to make their clients look like a celebrity. Now you can too! Super simple and can become part of your everyday makeup routine. 

Daily Dose of First Aid: Chia Seed Green Tea Moisturizing Face Mask

I’ve been looking for a QUICK, EASY, NON-OILY/RESIDUE face mask that I can make at home and I found the perfect one. All you need are a two ingredients: chia seeds and green tea! It is organic, natural, and vegan. Here is the recipe.

  1. Measure 1 cup of brewed green tea in a large cup or bowl, and pour 1 tablespoon of chia seeds into it.
  2. Mix and let sit for about 10 minutes for the consistency to thicken.
  3. Use a foundation brush or your fingers to apply the chia seeds to your face and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Your skin will thank you for the quick hydration surge! You can even drink the rest of the solution if you’d like!

WARNING: Apply the mask over a sink or outside. I got chia seeds all over the sink so be careful when doing this!

*Chia seeds are a good source of calcium, help control appetite, and have omega-3 fatty acids (heart healthy!) that hydrate skin and reduce wrinkles and inflammation. Put some into your next smoothie mix for a metabolism boost!



Daily Dose of First Aid: Cleaning Your Beauty Blender / Sponge

I don’t know about yours…but my makeup sponge, aka beauty blender, is absolutely filthy and filled with concealer, foundation, and who knows what other gunk. Thankfully, after lots of trial and error, (including even putting it in the washing machine…), I found the perfect solution that works EVERY TIME! I tried it on three different sponges thanks to my best friend, Annie, who was experimenting with cleaning solutions with me all morning. Here are the easy steps needed to get your sponge looking brand new (that’s mine in the picture above looking all clean and perfect after it’s little bath) :

My disgusting sponge before it’s bath…
  1. Get a microwavable pyrex bowl and fill it with 1 teaspoon of Dawn soap.
  2. Fill the bowl about halfway with warm water, stir until bubbly, and drop in your sponge.
  3. Put the bowl with your sponge in it in the microwave for a minute.
  4. After removing, let the soapy solution sit for a few minutes.
  5. Take out the sponge and start squeezing the soap and old makeup out of it while running it under warm water. (Be careful, the sponge might still be hot.)
  6. Depending on how much gunk was in your beauty blender, the time it will take to keep squeezing it all out until it looks completely new, will vary. (Mine was awful and took about 5 minutes.)

Congrats! Now your beauty blender looks BRAND NEW and clean, just for you to dirty it up again! 🙂 But really, wash your sponge. It will make it last much longer and will clean out all of the gross bacteria that sits in it! Try it and leave me a comment below if you love the result!