Daily Dose of First Aid: Metabolism Facts

Metabolisms are like a black box that not even researchers can fully understand. Why can I eat a plate of fries and not be affected, but my friend has to count every calorie of them so as not to gain weight!?

Found a GREAT article on Vox.com that debunks some of the facts we think we know about metabolism. For example, when diet ads claim to “boost your metabolism,” they can’t really do that. Some food like coffee, chili, and spices can raise your metabolism for a very short time, but not enough to have a true effect on your body measurements. Click the link for the full article!


Confessions on Working Out

Ok, I confess, I HATE working out and exercising. For some reason…it is so difficult for me to want to be active when preparing for pageants or getting ready for bikini season. So if working out isn’t your thing, I feel you. Here are a few suggestions to help spike your interest and get you moving!

  1. The buddy system. If you hate doing workouts, you’re going to need a friend to hold you accountable. Do NOT go to the gym by yourself, or else you’ll run on the treadmill for 7 minutes and think you’re done for the day (true story).
  2. Workout videos or classes. Then you’re forced to do the workout for the entire hour and or else you’ll feel the shame (also true story).
  3. Unconventional ways of exercising. Title boxing. Rock climbing. Hot yoga. Kayaking. Zumba. Bike.
  4. Play on a playground. HAHA, hilarious. But seriously…it’s not as easy as it was 15 years ago. Climbing around on the monkey bars is a great workout, believe it or not. Plus, its fun, and if you’re babysitting, its killing two birds with one stone!

If you’re like me and it’s difficult to convince yourself that being active is fun, these suggestions really do help!

Title boxing in Columbus.