CVS Takes a Stand Against Airbrushing Models

“We will not digitally alter or change a person’s shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color or enhance or alter lines, wrinkles or other individual characteristics,” CVS said in a press release. The watermark with a heart will start appearing on beauty photos produced by CVS in this upcoming year, so be on the lookout.

Hmm. I have a lot of thoughts about this movement. I really love that CVS is promoting healthier body images by taking a stance against airbrushing and photoshopping models in their stores and print ads. It sends a great message to children because now the beauty standards portrayed by these ads will be attainable.

Although I love this idea, here is some food for thought. I am a pageant girl and have been in modeling for a while. I have had my photos edited to remove blemishes, smooth my skin, and adjust the lighting. I prefer these adjustments to my photos, especially because I am using them for pageant headshots that are sometimes judged. But how much editing is TOO much? How do we decide this? If you were in an advertisement for millions to see, would YOU want to be airbrushed? Or are you okay with everyone seeing your natural flaws?

It takes a brave model to proudly broadcast her full natural self to the world. I give these models and CVS credit for their courage! But what about Ulta, Sephora, and other major beauty brands? Will they follow suit, and are they embarrassed for not taking the initiative on this movement? I would be. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. 


Sugar Bear Hair Sponsor

How cute is this little #bluebear! Can’t wait to try out SugarBearHair gummies, filled with biotin, vitamins, folic acid, and lots of other good stuff to strengthen my hair. They’re vegetarian, too! I’ll share my hair’s progress after 1 month on my blog! What an amazing sponsor this is for my USA National Miss Ohio pageant! #SugarBearHair #ad

Must Have on the Go: Panty Fresh

Introducing the newest and most convenient way to guarantee freshness during long days or period weeks…PANTY FRESH! I was so happy to receive these little packets from Panty Fresh’s founder and creator in the mail. I love that women are creating unique ways to find more comfort during their period cycles. They’re hard enough to deal with, but this little box will make life easier! Finally, a discreet way to freshen up down there all in one packet that you can store in a desk, pocket, or purse. Great for the workplace, travel, school, etc! I really wish I had this compact kit on my 18 hour plane ride to Morocco. These are perfect to take into the airplane restroom with you for a quick change or to freshen up! Working women who travel and have long plane rides, THIS IS FOR YOU!

But you know what else I love about this company?! For every post with the hashtag #givebackwithpantyfresh, $1 will be donated to autism research and awareness! Autism awareness has been my personal pageant platform for years now, so this means the world to me, my family, and the autism community. I just love all of these philanthropic organizations that sponsor me!

Follow @PantyFresh on Instagram to receive 10% off your order. Visit their website HERE! 

Panty Replacement + Liner + Wipe + Wash Me Bag = FRESH!

Daily Dose of First Aid: Homemade Sunscreen is a Major Don’t

So I’ve been seeing this new trend that’s all about making your own sunscreen. Let me advise you why you SHOULDN’T jump on the bandwagon…

First of all, the recipes to make sunscreen on Pinterest call for ingredients like zinc and titanium dioxide. These are crucial for your SPF protection, but when mixing these yourself, there’s no way to tell how much SPF (if any) you are getting from the zinc and titanium dioxide. Next, you literally need a high-pressure machine that chemists use to mix these ingredients and distribute them throughout the formula to make them effective in protecting your skin. Are you seriously going to spend time and money finding these crazy ingredients when you can spend $5 on sunscreen at Target?

Also, these homemade sunscreen recipes tell you to use coconut oil, rosehip oil, etc., but if you think about it, you use oil for tanning because oils can absorb light, making UV rays penetrate the skin more, causing you to burn more easily. So why would you put these OILS in something that is supposed to protect your skin from UV rays? It’s counter-intuitive, folks.

If you’re worried about your skin getting oily and breaking out from harsh sunscreens sold at drugstores, check out this Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunscreen. It’s great on sensitive skin and feels lightweight and clean. It’s my new favorite that has kept my skin clear and protected all summer.

Are you really going to sacrifice the health of your skin for a DIY craft? Skin cancer and melanoma aren’t pretty. Make your own sugar scrub instead, and leave the sunscreen to Banana Boat. 🙂

Learn more about homemade sunscreen and melanoma/the #UnderMatters campaign in the links below: