Coming Soon…Fake Lash Tutorial

Lashes are HARD. But they don’t have to be. I’ll show you super cheap and easy tools and tricks to make sure your lash application goes smoothly. Whether it’s a pageant, prom, a wedding, etc., lashes can amp up your entire look. Video coming soon!

Daily Dose of First Aid: Find Your Celebrity Body Idol

Q: What is your biggest piece of advice for getting a confidence boost? 

A: It can be really easy to compare yourself to others. By others, I mean people who don’t even look ANYTHING LIKE YOU. My advice is to find your “celebrity body idol.” By this, I mean find someone famous who has features that are similar to yours, especially features that can make you feel self-conscious.

For example, my mom has awesome curves that she sometimes is afraid to flaunt, so her celebrity body idol is Khloe Kardashian because she has curves too that my mom can get outfit inspiration from and learn how to dress her body to make her look and feel her best.

One of my celebrity body idols is the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City 😉 , because she has has a very strong nose, like me. I’ve always been embarrassed by my profile and nose in general because it isn’t very dainty and feminine like other girls. HOWEVER, when I look at Sarah, there’s no WAY I could criticize such a beautiful, successful, sexy woman just because of her nose. I keep this in mind when I feel uneasy about any of my features.

Need help finding your own celebrity body idol? Feel free to comment or message me in the “contact me” page. I’m happy to help you feel more confident about the skin you’re in!

Kendra Scott Look-Alike

$125 vs $10

I’m currently broke, lol. Even though Kendra Scott is my favorite jewelry brand, I can’t always splurge on trendy pieces! As I was walking through Charming Charlie today, I saw a ring set that looked exactly like one that has been on my wishlist for a while now. Naturally, I immediately bought the cheap little set. However, if you’re ready to invest in a more quality set of rings like at Kendra Scott, it is currently on sale for $89.97 at the link below. (Sign up for emails and get 15% off and free shipping on your first order!)

e. l. f. Brow Pencil

Hello blondies. This $2 (yes, $2, sorry Anastasia brow pomade) brow pencil is what I now buy in BULK because it is the only color that looks natural enough with my blonde hair, and doesn’t make my eyebrows look fake and drawn on. I use the shade taupe and have golden blonde hair. BTW, e. l. f. = eyes, lips, face 😉 Buy it now in the link below.

Daily Dose of First Aid-Wet Your Sponge

I realized I was using beauty blenders, aka sponges, all wrong when my foundation was spotty and cakey. WET YOUR SPONGE. Hold it under warm water and keep squeezing it until it is completely saturated, then squeeze it out completely so it’s not dripping wet. Do this every time before putting foundation on the sponge. The difference is very noticeable!

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Roses are red, violets are blue, your eyeshadow is boring, you need something new.

People constantly ask me what my favorite palette is that will be versatile for any look you are going for-matte, glam, natural, textured, and glittery. The Huda Beauty Textured Rose Gold Palette is perfect. It includes matte shades that range from a creamy white nude to jet black, as well as chunky glitter and classic sparkly shadows. Create warm, rose gold looks with this palette, or even a smokey eye. I use this palette every single day WITHOUT primer and it lasts all day and has strong pigments that are easily build-able. Buy it now in the link below, or at Sephora.