How to Use a Facial Dermaroller

This .25 mm dermaroller for the face is sponsored by Linduray Skincare! This tool is SO affordable, less than $30 because Linduray is having a SALE right now! Click the above link to check it out. Many brands sell dermarollers, not just this website!

Before you ask, NO it is not painful because the needles are only .25 mm long! It feels more like a massage, if you are gentle and use the tool correctly. Obviously, don’t jam the needles into your skin or use it near your eyes…hoping that is self-explanatory!

Why should you dermaroll?! To…

  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin
  • Drastically improve your skin texture and complexion
  • Open pores and promote cell regeneration

It’s like microneedling in a way, but not nearly as expensive, you can do it at home, and it is less painful. However, you need to continually use the dermaroller to see results. I recommend a few times per week. Warning: it leaves your skin red for a few minutes!

As a reminder, always sanitize and disinfect your dermaroller with isopropyl alcohol before and after every use. Roll it on your clean face 4-8 times in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. Wait 2 days before your next treatment to let your skin heal! Watch how to use in the video below. Ask me any questions in the comments 🙂

Daily Dose of First Aid: Metabolism Facts

Metabolisms are like a black box that not even researchers can fully understand. Why can I eat a plate of fries and not be affected, but my friend has to count every calorie of them so as not to gain weight!?

Found a GREAT article on that debunks some of the facts we think we know about metabolism. For example, when diet ads claim to “boost your metabolism,” they can’t really do that. Some food like coffee, chili, and spices can raise your metabolism for a very short time, but not enough to have a true effect on your body measurements. Click the link for the full article!


Why are there so many Brazilian supermodels???

I just got back from Rio, Brazil for a study abroad music program with The Ohio State University. I wanted to do a little research on why so many models are Brazilian and about Brazilian beauty in general!

“The five most famous associations with the word ‘Brazil’ in no particular order are: Football, Carnival, Beaches, Samba, and Models” says B S Prakash, Indian Ambassador of Brazil

Watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and you’ll see Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, and Lais Ribeiro…all Brazilian. Why? First, the gene pool of Brazil is uniquely diverse. After the Portuguese landed in Brazil in the 1500s, gold, rubber, sugar, and coffee were discovered, leading to mass waves of immigration. On top of the natives that were in Brazil before the Portuguese settled, Germans, Japanese, Italians, Polish, Russians, and African slaves created an extraordinary and eclectic gene pool. In the deep south of Brazil, Eastern European immigrants produced beautiful features like high cheekbones, blonde hair and blue eyes, and long slender frames. The caveat to this is that there is such a wide spectrum of facial and body features that there is no way to neatly categorize an average Brazilian.

Next, the body sculpting obsession has become an epidemic. With over 5,500 certified plastic surgeons, Brazil wins second place in countries with plastic surgeries, both for men and women. Known for his Brazilian butt lift, famous surgeon, Ivo Pitanguy, opened his plastic surgery clinic and institute to train many doctors. Sexualized women are even pressured to have perfect genitals. “Latin women live in a macho culture: he is the one who rules in the office, in the home, in the sex life. Now as women … we are leading at home and in jobs and we want to lead in our sex lives,” said Lina Triana, a Colombian plastic surgeon. Perceptions of beauty are even translated frequently through pornography. There is a uniquely Brazilian expectation to be physically perfect, and it is normal for people to work body sculpting into their budgets. Even Victoria’s Secret models have acknowledged their cosmetic surgeries.

Next, the Western world is a prominent influence on Brazil and its pop culture. For example, the FIFA cup for futbol and the 2016 Rio Olympics brought a lot of fame and attention to Brazil, which brought people and fashion influences from all over the modern world. This pop culture creates an atmosphere for commodification of beauty. Commodifying beauty means that it has value and equates to fame or money. Pageantry is also popular in Latin America and South America, which puts a competitive aspect and prize on being “beautiful.”

Though it is not a direct correlation, living in a warm and coastal city like Rio de Janeiro or Florianopolis gives more opportunities for being on the beach and therefore being more exposed. Being exposed and showing more skin causes people to be more self-conscious on how they present themselves to others. Walking along Copacabana or Ipanema, there are people of all ages working out and running down the beach. Thus, living in a tropical climate is more conducive and favorable to a fit lifestyle. However, it is interesting to note that beauty standards vary in certain parts of Brazil. For example, in Bahia, pregnant and fuller figured women are seen as beautiful because they are fertile and can harvest life. Bahian women also wear long and flowing dresses that are contradictory to the skin-tight outfits of Rio. But thin and muscular women in swimsuits are preferred in more urban places like Rio de Janeiro because it has more of a Western culture that favors smaller, more fit body types.

Carnaval is a celebration in Brazil with African and Portuguese influence that marks the start of Lent. Samba dancers parade through the Sambadrome wearing glamourous outfits that typically reveal lots of skin. The samba schools are in competition and therefore try to out-shine each other with their sexy and glitzy costumes. Samba dancers practice the entire year leading up to Carnaval and therefore are actively exercising almost year-round. Who wouldn’t want to show off a fit dancer body?

As stated before, Brazil has multiple fashion influences including the Brazilian climate, African culture, the indigenous and Amazonian people, and the Western world. Pair this eclectic mix of style with the gene pool and the pop culture of Brazil, and it makes sense why there are so many uniquely beautiful people in Brazil. I saw for myself just how many striking people were on the beach with really toned and thin proportions, which is favored in the modeling industry. Even in the music schools we visited, I saw tan skinned girls with luscious curly locks and bright green eyes. This combination of naturally radiant features is pure gold to the fashion industry. Therefore, there will be generations of models to come in Brazil!

vs brazilcarnaval

Confessions on Working Out

Ok, I confess, I HATE working out and exercising. For some reason…it is so difficult for me to want to be active when preparing for pageants or getting ready for bikini season. So if working out isn’t your thing, I feel you. Here are a few suggestions to help spike your interest and get you moving!

  1. The buddy system. If you hate doing workouts, you’re going to need a friend to hold you accountable. Do NOT go to the gym by yourself, or else you’ll run on the treadmill for 7 minutes and think you’re done for the day (true story).
  2. Workout videos or classes. Then you’re forced to do the workout for the entire hour and or else you’ll feel the shame (also true story).
  3. Unconventional ways of exercising. Title boxing. Rock climbing. Hot yoga. Kayaking. Zumba. Bike.
  4. Play on a playground. HAHA, hilarious. But seriously…it’s not as easy as it was 15 years ago. Climbing around on the monkey bars is a great workout, believe it or not. Plus, its fun, and if you’re babysitting, its killing two birds with one stone!

If you’re like me and it’s difficult to convince yourself that being active is fun, these suggestions really do help!

Title boxing in Columbus.

Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb: #treatyoself because you deserve it

Finals are FINALLY over…so what better way to let your body and brain relax than a nice bubble bath?! I bought a Fragrant Jewels bath bomb (honestly for the ring) that was unicorn themed. This unicorn tears bath bomb not only was a GORGEOUS burst of rainbow in the water, but it didn’t irritate my skin like some bath bombs have in the past.  So, yes, I approve this as OK for sensitive skin! Plus, the iridescent AB crystal ring inside was the perfect size and not too gaudy. I ordered a size 5 ring and I usually wear a size 6, fyi! Each bath bomb is around $15 and there are also sales that occur frequently. Totally affordable for a night in with yourself and some new bling! Try out the unicorn tears bath bomb HERE! 



Spring 2018 and Easter Dress Colors

Pantone has spoken! A mix of bold jewel tones and pastels is ready to make its debut in stores so you can find the perfect Easter dress. Check out the full NY color trend forecast report HERE.  But here is a quick summary from me about the hottest colors this spring! (All photo credits:


Cherry TomatoPantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Cherry-Tomato.jpg

Little Boy BluePantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-LIttle-Boy-Blue

Chili OilPantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Chile-Oil.jpg

Pink LavenderPantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Pink-Lavender.jpg

*Blooming DahliaPantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Blooming-Dahlia.jpg


Ultra Violet (Color of the Year!)Pantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-UltraViolet.jpg


Almost MauvePantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Almost-Mauve

Spring CrocusPantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Spring-Crocus.jpg

*Lime PunchPantone-Fashion-Color-Trend-Report-New-York-Spring-2018-Swatch-Lime-Punch.jpg

*Personal Favorite 

If you want to stick to a neutral, try a simple white or navy! Happy Easter dress hunting!

Color Alert for Summer: Melon

I’ve been MIA lately…my birthday and school really kept me busy! But I’m back with an important announcement about summer 2018! You might not see a lot of it yet, but I’m predicting that melon is going to be HUGE this summer. I’ve been living on Free People’s website lately, and apricot/melon has been popping up everywhere. With tanned skin, this color is going to POP!melonn

I made a little inspiration board with fun ways to rock this melon color next season. Check out a few of these garments from Free People. Start stocking your wardrobe now with this color. BLUSH PINK IS OUT. MELON IS IN!


Dreamland Surf Suit
Riverside Tunic
Dreamy Sleeve Pullover