How to Use a Facial Dermaroller

This .25 mm dermaroller for the face is sponsored by Linduray Skincare! This tool is SO affordable, less than $30 because Linduray is having a SALE right now! Click the above link to check it out. Many brands sell dermarollers, not just this website!

Before you ask, NO it is not painful because the needles are only .25 mm long! It feels more like a massage, if you are gentle and use the tool correctly. Obviously, don’t jam the needles into your skin or use it near your eyes…hoping that is self-explanatory!

Why should you dermaroll?! To…

  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin
  • Drastically improve your skin texture and complexion
  • Open pores and promote cell regeneration

It’s like microneedling in a way, but not nearly as expensive, you can do it at home, and it is less painful. However, you need to continually use the dermaroller to see results. I recommend a few times per week. Warning: it leaves your skin red for a few minutes!

As a reminder, always sanitize and disinfect your dermaroller with isopropyl alcohol before and after every use. Roll it on your clean face 4-8 times in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. Wait 2 days before your next treatment to let your skin heal! Watch how to use in the video below. Ask me any questions in the comments 🙂

Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb: #treatyoself because you deserve it

Finals are FINALLY over…so what better way to let your body and brain relax than a nice bubble bath?! I bought a Fragrant Jewels bath bomb (honestly for the ring) that was unicorn themed. This unicorn tears bath bomb not only was a GORGEOUS burst of rainbow in the water, but it didn’t irritate my skin like some bath bombs have in the past.  So, yes, I approve this as OK for sensitive skin! Plus, the iridescent AB crystal ring inside was the perfect size and not too gaudy. I ordered a size 5 ring and I usually wear a size 6, fyi! Each bath bomb is around $15 and there are also sales that occur frequently. Totally affordable for a night in with yourself and some new bling! Try out the unicorn tears bath bomb HERE! 



Collagen Masks…Worth the time and money?

Masks are super popular because of the amount of Asian skin care items available now in the USA! You’ve heard of all of the cute Korean brands with their adorable packaging, like TonyMoly for example. But are collagen masks worth the hype?


The collagen molecules in masks ARE small enough to penetrate your pores and into the dermis layer of your skin, which triggers collagen production and starts to minimize fine lines/wrinkles. However, you won’t see a difference unless you are doing masks a few times a week for months. You’re better off getting Botox or Juviderm if you want fast, long-lasting, and dramatic results (not that I’m recommending cosmetic procedures, unless you have fully researched and are comfortable with that!)

So, unless you younger women or men want fuller, plumper skin, this is not necessary. Collagen masks will give your face a nice glow and moisture balance, though! Older women and men, it is important to start renewing your collagen and giving your skin these supplements at this age to target fine lines and dullness.

Bottom-line…if I, a 19-year-old, am going to invest on a quality mask, it’s going to be a charcoal mask. At this point in my life, being in my late teens, there’s no need for me to be using a collagen mask. I’d rather focus on removing blackheads and getting a deep clean for my skin with charcoal based products (which really work)! Collagen masks won’t magically give you plump lips or make your skin perfectly supple, as you might think. They’re still super fun and cute, though! 🙂


Summer’s Eve Feminine Spray

If you know me, you know I love to talk about how I constantly worry about staying fresh and keeping up with feminine hygiene. It’s something that some ladies are ashamed or nervous to talk about, but it concerns EVERY WOMAN, so why not help each other out?!

Recently I made one of the best discoveries of my life…the Summer’s Eve freshening spray!!! I religiously use my feminine wash in the shower, and when I was at CVS picking up a new bottle, I came across their freshening spray in the scent “Island Fresh”. I was literally SO overly excited because I knew it would make me feel less self conscious throughout the day. It neutralizes odors, doesn’t disrupt my pH, is talc free, and absorbs moisture. You can spray it on your skin and on panties and keeps you feeling fresh all day. This SAVED ME! Learn more HERE.

Ipsy: Makeup and Beauty Subscription Box

I think subscription services are AMAZING. Forget the stress of shopping for new makeup, clothes, healthy food, etc. Get them delivered right to your door for a great deal, much lower than the products’ retail prices! I’ll tell you about one of my favorite subscription makeup bags that I’ve been getting for almost a whole year now, Ipsy!

Ipsy is only $10 a month, (even cheaper when you buy a whole year!) and you get 5 beauty products a month, which are either full size or deluxe size. On top of that super steal, just by rating your products each month, you gets points which you can redeem for full size products! I just redeemed 500 points that I’ve been racking up, so in my next bag, I get a set of designer lashes! GLAM LASHES ARE MY FAV, and we all know how expensive they can be (literally I’ve paid $20 for a good set). Finally, they offer different discounts every month for subscribers to high end makeup websites.

Take a look inside my October glam bag. I LOVED every single product and gave them all 5 stars. However, your bag might look completely different than mine each month because on the Ipsy app, you can customize your settings to make sure you receive items that you WANT and will USE. You all know that I love my press-on nails, so I requested never to receive nail polishes, rather mascaras and liquid lipsticks instead. Ipsy will listen to your preferences. You can also add your skin and hair tone and type as well as eye color, so your products matches your needs.

Overall, Ipsy offers amazing services and products for such a low cost and they are very responsive to your wants for your monthly glam bag. Having this subscription bag also really helps me resist splurging on makeup, because I get surprised with so many new items every few weeks and don’t feel the need to anymore. Click here to TRY IT OUT, even if its just for a month! Comment or send me a message if you want my sign up code, which will give us both a boost on our points!

Sponsor Spotlight: Rocks with Sass

Trending for fall…druzy stone and crystal jewelry! Skip buying it at Charming Charlie or BaubleBar, and get it for cheaper and amazing quality while donating to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America! Philanthropic companies are my favorite to shop from. The fashionable owner of this company was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2009, but she always found strength in creating beautiful things, like her stone jewelry.

The jewelry is nickel-free and will not tarnish easily. The stones are colorful, lustrous, and sparkly. I’ve already been wearing my druzy necklace and earrings, and they match so many of my outfits!

Use my code: firstaidmakeup for 20% off of your purchase, now through November 20. Don’t forget, a portion of the proceeds is donated to a great cause. Rocks with Sass ships super fast, which is always a huge plus!

Instagram: @rockswithsass

FullSizeRender (6)

Product Review: AP24 Whitening Toothpaste

My pageant friend Angelica Young just introduced me to this AP24 toothpaste by NuSkin that she uses and the results have been amazing! I had to share!

🚫No Bleaches, Peroxide or Harsh Chemicals
🚫No Sugar
🚫Not Damaging to Enamel
🚫Gluten Free
🚫 No Trays or Strips
✅Gentle on Sensitive Teeth
✅Safe for Children & Pregnancy
✅Amazing 4 Wine, Coffee, & Nicotine Stains 🍷☕️🚬
✅Removes Stains on Caps & Veneers
✅ Dentist Recommended

Another customer’s results
Comment if you would like some for you and your family. She will be ordering more for me this week! Find her on Facebook @AngelicaYoung.

Angelica’s amazing results

Sugar Bear Hair Sponsor

How cute is this little #bluebear! Can’t wait to try out SugarBearHair gummies, filled with biotin, vitamins, folic acid, and lots of other good stuff to strengthen my hair. They’re vegetarian, too! I’ll share my hair’s progress after 1 month on my blog! What an amazing sponsor this is for my USA National Miss Ohio pageant! #SugarBearHair #ad

Must Have on the Go: Panty Fresh

Introducing the newest and most convenient way to guarantee freshness during long days or period weeks…PANTY FRESH! I was so happy to receive these little packets from Panty Fresh’s founder and creator in the mail. I love that women are creating unique ways to find more comfort during their period cycles. They’re hard enough to deal with, but this little box will make life easier! Finally, a discreet way to freshen up down there all in one packet that you can store in a desk, pocket, or purse. Great for the workplace, travel, school, etc! I really wish I had this compact kit on my 18 hour plane ride to Morocco. These are perfect to take into the airplane restroom with you for a quick change or to freshen up! Working women who travel and have long plane rides, THIS IS FOR YOU!

But you know what else I love about this company?! For every post with the hashtag #givebackwithpantyfresh, $1 will be donated to autism research and awareness! Autism awareness has been my personal pageant platform for years now, so this means the world to me, my family, and the autism community. I just love all of these philanthropic organizations that sponsor me!

Follow @PantyFresh on Instagram to receive 10% off your order. Visit their website HERE! 

Panty Replacement + Liner + Wipe + Wash Me Bag = FRESH!

Arbonne Foundation and Primer=MUST BUY!

My friend from modeling school, Caitlyn Wagler, is a distributor for Arbonne makeup products! She sent me some samples of primer, skin care, and foundation and asked if I would honestly review them. I had my doubts because I rarely use products that aren’t sold in stores, but I have nothing but positive things to say about Arbonne!!!

First of all, everything from Arbonne is vegan certified/cruelty free and formulated to the European Standard, which does not allow harmful chemicals in the products. Also, there is a great variety of cool, neutral, and warm tones.

I used the moisturizing lotion which made my skin feel hydrated and fresh before I put on the makeup. I didn’t even need any face oil or priming spray; the lotion was enough. Then, I put on the primer, and a little bit goes a long way! You won’t have to stock up on a primer for a longgg time with the Arbonne brand! I’m done living off of Sephora primer face samples because I finally found a favorite! Finally, the foundation felt light and airy and didn’t clog or cake up my pores, yet had a completely flawless finish with the best coverage I’ve seen in a while. (And I’ve gone through many products looking for full coverage!)

Check out Arbonne’s face products HERE through Caitlyn’s page, they don’t disappoint! Contact me or connect with Caitlyn on Facebook to buy your next fav face products! Get the primer or foundation at the preferred client price, just $35 each! Get a totally natural formulated product cheaper than the popular foundation choices at Sephora.