10 Brands to Recycle your Clothes at that Benefit YOU

In the fashion industry, the new hot topic is of course, sustainability, which means avoiding the depletion of our natural resources to maintained a balanced ecosystem. You would not believe the amount of water, fabric, energy, and other resources it takes to make clothes. Especially with fast fashion stores like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M, we are constantly throwing out and buying clothes we don’t need.

So instead of throwing out your clothes, the logical thing to do is donate them, right? Well, of course this takes a little extra effort. But what if I told you that donating your clothes can benefit YOU? Brands are trying very hard now to be more sustainable, so they are incentivizing customers to come recycle clothes in ANY CONDITION their stores.

H&M: Recycle any clothes/fabric, receive a 15% off coupon

MAC: Recycle any 6 MAC packaged makeup items, receive a free MAC lipstick

Eileen Fisher: Recycle any clothes, for every item, receive $5 reward card

Levis: Recycle any clothing or shoes,  receive 20% off any item

LUSH: Recycle any LUSH 5 packaging tubs, receive a free face mask

Madewell: Recycle an old pair of jeans, receive $20 off a new pair of jeans

Monki: Recycle any clothes/fabric, receive a voucher

Kiehls: Recycle any 10 full-size Kiehls container to receive 10 stamps, receive a free Kiehls travel item

The North Face: Recycle any clothes or shoes, receive a $10 off $100 or more coupon

& Other Stories: Recycle old beauty packaging and clothes, receive a 10% off purchase

So, keep a pile of recyclable clothes/fabric to bring shopping with you, and you will be rewarded! Cleaning your closet, saving money, and saving the environment all at the same time! Take advantage of these innovative programs!

Kate Spade Look-Alike

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Remember one of my first posts, showing you a cheaper version of a ring collection from Kendra Scott?! Well, I found an even better example that you can find at Charming Charlie just in time for the holidays!

I was looking for a cute pair of Christmas bow earrings. Of course, my expensive taste is both a blessing and a curse, and it led me to a pair of Kate Spade bow earrings that were $45. Assuming I would only wear these about 10 times this holiday season, I thought these may be a little too expensive since they aren’t an everyday wear type of jewelry. Therefore, I went on an intensive search for a cheaper dupe (duplicate).

Charming Charlie to the rescue!!! I found 3 pairs (rose gold, gold, and silver) for $10 that looked EXACTLY like the one pair of $45 Kate Spade earrings. 

Go find these adorable earrings at Charlies, online or in stores! Maybe you’ll just fool a few people into thinking you’re sporting a designer pair of earrings. 😉 Treat yourself this holiday season, girls!

Kendra Scott Look-Alike

$125 vs $10

I’m currently broke, lol. Even though Kendra Scott is my favorite jewelry brand, I can’t always splurge on trendy pieces! As I was walking through Charming Charlie today, I saw a ring set that looked exactly like one that has been on my wishlist for a while now. Naturally, I immediately bought the cheap little set. However, if you’re ready to invest in a more quality set of rings like at Kendra Scott, it is currently on sale for $89.97 at the link below. (Sign up for emails and get 15% off and free shipping on your first order!)