Top 10 Most Beautiful Lipstick Tubes

This is my list of the top ten most visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing fancy lipstick tubes/packaging. I love having gorgeous makeup…it makes it so much more fun and glamorous! They are arranged from most to least expensive! Happy scrolling!

Christian Louboutin Lip Color

Luxurious, high class, $90


History of Whoo Luxury Lipstick

Enchanted, glamorous, $35


Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Balm 

Elegant, customized, $34


Anna Sui Lipstick V: Vivid Star

Bold, structured, $30


Anna Sui Lipstick S: Sheer Flower

Artistic, romantic, $30

anna sui.jpg

Pretty Vulgar Bury Them with a Smile Lipstick

Floral, feminine, $24

pretty vulgar.jpg

TOO FACED La Crème Mystical Effects Lipstick

Lively, playful, $22

unicorn tears.jpg

Besame Cosmetics Classic Color Lipstick

Vintage, classic, $22


Winky Lux Flower Balm

Whimsical, fresh, $14


Sephora #Lipstories Lipstick

Personal, nostalgic, $8


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